HUMAN CENTERED MEDICINE in HARMONY with NATURE  The GUNA Method affirms the values and principles of the concept of health and wellbeing as the unity of body, emotions, mind and spirit. The physician and the formulas collaborate with the intricate and dynamic balance of these components in restoring the patient’s own innate healing abilities. The medicines are conceived to stimulate the organism toward regulation, making it possible to achieve and maintain a more harmonious state of health, beauty and vitality. The word GUNA  itself is a Sanskrit term meaning “the life energy of all living beings”

Pain Management and Esthetic Medicine Training for Physicians for BC, AB, QC, NS

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GUNA  Biotherapeutics is at the forefront of Integrative Medicine  For over 30 years, Guna Biotherapeutics has revolutionized the medicine of oral homeopathy and esthetic medicine by blending scientific and therapeutic applications with nature’s principles.  As a company that has at the heart of its mandate, the well-being and health of the patients who use the products as well as the satisfaction of the doctors and pharmacists who prescribe them, Guna has proven its passion for excellence, its commitment to ethical principles and its dedication to advancing its international reputation for leading edge science and medical research.   
THE GUNA METHOD is The Difference  The Guna homeopathic formulations are based on the concepts of Physiological Regulating Medicine, an entirely new branch of medicine conceived and developed at Guna Biotherapeutics in Italy.  The formulas are manufactured at their new laboratory in Milan, according to an innovative technique called Sequential Kinetic Activation.   The Guna Method and its applications, has identified the company across the world as a respected innovator in medicine. This work has driven the advancement of Homeopathic medicine and contributed to the creation of a new paradigm in homeopathic medicine by using advanced laboratory research, medical education, clinical proof of efficacy and unparalleled quality control. This achievement is made possible with the help of a dedicated and respected team of doctors at Guna and worldwide that is driven by the passion and direction of Dr. Alessandro Pizzoccaro, the President.   This is truly a formidable combination that is impossible to replicate and these are the pinnacles of performance that differentiates Guna Biotherapeutics from all others in the field of integrative and homeopathic medicine. 
TRAINING & ONLINE COURSES PLACE AN ORDER PRM E-LEARNING COURSE THE FIRST E-LEARNING COURSE ON PHYSIOLOGICAL REGULATING MEDICINE (PRM) The New Paradigm in Homeopathy Physiological Regulating Medicine and The GUNA Method In 2012, Guna International  received the GranDesign Ethics International Award, a prestigious award honoring industry giants for their technological innovation, ethics, and social responsibility.
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