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Solas Health Inc. is the Guna Canada sales office and as a consulting and distribution company in the field of integrative medicine, we showcase only those companies that set a new standard for quality and innovation in medicine, raw material control, processing and new methodologies that in their application, set these companies apart in this industry. We represent over 30 years of involvement in this industry, characterized by our own personal dedication and propensity toward a particular lifestyle and direction. As health practitioners, and having been involved in every aspect of both the retail and wholesale marketing, service, sales, management and distribution of health products, we have well placed priorities when it comes to providing quality products for your patients, with the utmost of customer service that we ourselves expect.



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GUNA Homeopathics from the Canada Sales Office By providing you with homeopathic medicine from Guna Biotherapeutics, your physician is offering you clinically proven and effective solutions for your health concerns.  We provide GUNA products to authorized healthcare practitioners across Canada.  Products sold through on line “discount” sellers are not approved and we cannot guarantee potency and efficacy, nor can we guarantee that the product has been relabelled after expiration. Guna products should be purchased from a trusted source and with the guidance of a practitioner.  In addition, Guna formulations and their rigorous testing, cannot be “duplicated, replicated or reproduced” considering the specialized processing technique used in manufacturing, so please be aware of the claims of substandard imitations. Medical Disclaimer to patients While we are pleased to know that as a patient, you are seeking information and direction by visiting our site, we would encourage you to seek the help of a Naturopathic Physician or Homeopathic Doctor in order to better facilitate your optimal health journey.  Visit to locate a Naturopath in your area and ask them about Guna Products. However, you can also call 1.877.327.8511 to request information on a particular product or you may ORDER GUNA Products DIRECTLY by going to 

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