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Beauty and Health - Inside and Out with The Guna Method The GUNA Method as applied to Esthetic medicine, initially supports and revitalises the skin at the cellular level, renewing your natural collagen producing mechanisms.  GUNA products are optimally used for improving and preventing lines and wrinkles, stimulating the body’s own natural fat-burning mechanisms and toning tissue.    Rejuvenating and refreshing the face and body tissue, while stimulating the self-healing capabilities of the system, the Guna Esthetic products restore beauty and health. Used for tissue toning, the management of cellulite, hair loss, scarring, stretch marks, facial treatments, and anti-aging medicine. Mesotherapy and Biopuncture applications for physicians Request the Product List of the full line of Esthetic Medicine Products by emailing or click here for our Contact page. Patients: Request the name of a Doctor using Guna Esthetic Medicine Products near you.
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Request Information about the Esthetic Line GUNA Collagen GUNA MADE Omeoformula 1 Adiposity Omeoformula 2 Cellulite Omeoformula 3 Tissue Tone Omeoformula 4 Breast Use all the creams in conjunction with Guna Collagen and Guna MADE formulas for maximum benefit.
Request Information about the Derma Roller The MTS Derma Roller is available for both professionals and patients. Using the MTS Roller in conjunction with GUNA Collagen or GUNA MADE and the other Guna Esthetic formulations, improves the appearance and texture of the skin. MTS Derma Rollers are therapeutically used for the improvement of: Acne Scarring Lax skin and Wrinkles Brown spots And the improvement of the overall signs of aging The MTS Derma Roller is Sterile vacuum packaged - FDA registered as a Type I supplementary tool - CE registered/approved Produced in a high tech ISO9001 quality controlled manufacturing facility - and Patented 
Omeoformula 5 Vein Serum Vitae Cream for Skin Rejuvenation Natur 3 Cream - Breast Toning Natur 4 Cream - Face and Body Natur 5 Cream - Leg Toning