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For the temporary relief of symptoms related to Gastritis, Gastric Ulcers or Duodenal Ulcers such as: abdominal discomfort during or after eating, hyperacidity, heartburn
2 tubes of 4 gr. pellets (granules)
Active ingredients:
Abies nigra 3D Anacardium orientale 6D, 12D, 30D, 200D Antimonium crudum 6D, 12D, 30D, 200D Argentum nitricum 6D, 12D, 30D, 200D Bismuthum subnitricum 6D Carbo vegetabilis 6D Dioscorea villosa 3D Epidermal growth factor 4C Ipecacuanha 8D, 30D, 200D Momordica balsamina 3D Origanum majorana 6D, 10D, 30D Robinia pseudoacacia 2D Stomach 6D, 8D, 12D, 30D, 200D Sympathetic nerve 3D, 6D, 12D
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Physicians and Health Practitioners have used the following GUNA products in combination to enhance the efficacy of their protocol: •	Guna Stomach + Guna Digest •	Guna Stomach + Eubioflor + Citomix •	Guna Stomach +  Anti Age Stress
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